Wine in Latin America

Despite the fact that the indigenous people in the Americas made alcoholic beverages before European grapes were imported by the Conquistadors, the local vitis genus of grapes were never used to make wine. The first known attempt to grow vines for wine began in Hispaniola after Columbus’ second voyage in 1594. Since then, viticulture spread across the…

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Deforestation of the Amazon is Slowing

An area of Brazilian rain forest larger than the US State Rhode Island was cleared from July, 2011, to July, 2012 according to data provided by the Brazilian government. A total of 1797 square miles (4,656 sq km) were cleared in that time; an area equal to 22% of Honduras’ land mass, and nearly twice…


GDP of Brazil

Brazil produced a GDP of $2.4767 in 2011 (in current U.S. dollars) according to statistics from the World Bank. Globally, Brazil ranks sixth in the world in terms of GDP, after France, Germany, Japan, China, and the United States respectively. Regionally, this places the country first in Latin America, with a GDP nearly $1 trillion…