Concern for Democracy and Liberties in Nicaragua

US Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) expressed concern for the rule of law in Nicaragua during confirmation hearings on February 7 to determine the next US Ambassador for a handful of Latin American countries.

During confirmation hearings before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Phyllis Powers said that she would “speak clear and with conviction about the importance of protecting fundamental liberties and democratic institutions” if appointed as US Ambassador to Nicaragua.

Her response was prompted by questioning from Rubio, who indicated that he is concerned that any US ambassador must have a clear understanding of the political situation in Nicaragua.

As President, Daniel Ortega has made a point of siding with more radical elements in Latin America, and has formed an especially close relationship with Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, who has been vocal of his radical views of the west, and has gone as far as forming partnerships with the antisemitic regime in Iran.

Of Daniel Ortega, Rubio stated that he had been “embarrassing his own country by allying with tyrants,” and pointed out that he violated the countries constitution by ignoring laws that should have prevented him from serving as president again.

Also before the committee for consideration were ambassadors to Uruguay, Panama, and a few Caribbean countries.

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