Ranking LATAM Economies by GDP

Latin America as a region accounts for more than three trillion dollars annually.

Of course, Brazil is a powerhouse economically; however, as indicated by the charts below, the Amazonian nation suffers from a chronically now income per capita.

Peru, Uruguay, Colombia, and Chile are all expected to have growth rates over 5% annually.

Argentina has been included in that list as well, but official data from Argentina has been cloudy and unreliable. For instance, the government recently took control of the paper supply for news agencies despite international concerns over conflicts of interest, and coercion from the government to control story-lines. Additionally, the official inflation rate in the country runs from around 5%, to an unofficial and generally recognized 15-20% which makes any prognostication over economic outputs dubitable.

Much of the region still relies heavily on natural resource exports, and while Brazil leads the twelve nations at $137.8 billion dollars in exports from a nation of 190 million, Chile comes in next at $58.12 billion with a population of just 17 million.

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