How Big is Brazil?

With 3,266,199 square miles of terrestrial territory, Brazil is the 5th largest country by landmass behind Russia, China, and the US of A.

While Russia is in a league of its own with two and a half million square miles more than the second largest country in the world, with just 428,761 additional square miles (a landmass roughly the size of Colombia), Brazil would be the second largest country in the world.

Counting marine territories, the country claims 3,287,612 square miles (or 8,514,877 sq km). With just 57 people per sq mi, the country ranks 182nd out of 242 countries, and 72nd out of 89 countries with a population of roughly 10 million inhabitants.

Below is a graphical representation of how Brazil stacks up across the world, and against regional nations.

Each block represents 100,000 square miles.

View the image vertically below…

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