Venezuela Extends Labor Restrictions

The government of President Hugo Chavez ordered the extension of public and private sector labor restrictions through 2013.

The law, Ley Orgánica del Trabajo para las Trabajadoras y los Trabajadores (LOTTT), requires that neither public, nor private sector employees may be dismissed, demoted, or transferred without just cause (subject to prior approval by the regional “Labor Inspector.”

Ernesto Villegas, the Minister of Communication and Information, Ernesto Villegas, used his Twitter account to officially announce the extension of the law through decree No. 9322.

Hugo Chavez is currently undergoing treatment for a potentially mortal bout of cancer in Cuba.

One thought on “Venezuela Extends Labor Restrictions

  1. Verdaderamente lo que has publicado me ha sido de utilidad.
    Si bien tengo que reconocer que alguno de los otros
    artículos de otro día no me pareció tan bueno, lo
    de hoy me ha interesado mucho.

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