Chile Seeks Justice for Criminals Hiding in Cuba

On April 1st, 1991, Jaime Guzmán was shot at the exit of Catholic University where he was a professor.

Guzmán was responsible for founding the Independent Democratic Union Party (UDI) in Chile, and he provided a voice of stability during the dictatorship of Pinochet, including a large role in drafting the Chilean constitution. He would be a strong proponent of the economic policies of the famous “Chicago Boys,” which have directly lead to today’s economic prosperity in Chile.

ChileFlagLeftist terrorist group, Frente Patriotico Manuel Rodriguez (FPMR), was responsible for his assassination, which they had been planning since the 80s. Only one member of the group was arrested and tried for his murder. Mauricio Hernández was tried, and served for 3 years in a Chilean prison, but escaped to Cuba (he would eventually be arrested in Brazil where he is serving a 30 year term for the kidnapping of a businessman).

Other members of the group, including one of the groups founding members, are believed to have escaped to Cuba, where many believe they are being intentionally protected by Cuba’s leftist government.

Chile’s Foreign Minister, Alfredo Moreno, has indicated that he intends to confront Cuba’s leadership during an upcoming CELAC-EU Summit, in Santiago. Officials are also awaiting a response for an existing request to extradite another member of the group who is believed to have been responsible for the murder of Guzmán.

Patricio Melero, president of the UDI, said of the issue, “If President Raúl Castro wants to be part of CELAC, an organization that promotes human rights and democracy in the region, then he needs to demonstrate that he doesn’t protect terrorists.”

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