Embalming Chavez for Political Gain Against His Wishes

In 2009, Hugo Chavez forced the closure of a scientific exhibition touring Venezuela which featured human cadavers called “Bodies Revealed,” calling it a sign of “moral decomposition,” noting that the exhibit was made up of “human bodies,” suggesting that the display of human remains as part of an exhibit was wrong morally.

Caracas, Venezuela

Caracas, Venezuela

On March the 7th, just two days after the death of Venezuela’s socialist president, Vice President Nicolás Maduro Moros announced that the corpse of Hugo Chavez would be placed on a permanent display at a military museum. Despite wishes by Chavez to be buried in his hometown of Sabaneta, Venezuela, the decision to embalm his body and put it on display appears to have been motivated by political interests, following the example of other infamous leftist leaders including Vladimir Lenin, Ho Chi Minh, and Mao Tse-tung.

Regardless, it appears that Chavez will get his wish of being buried, as it has been reported that the embalming process was not performed soon enough, and it seems that it will not be possible to leave the body on permanent display. However, his desire to be buried in his home town may be ignored, as Maduro has started that he hopes to place Chavez next to Simon Bolivar’s tomb, despite representing the polar opposite of Bolivar’s politics, philosophy, and life.

One thought on “Embalming Chavez for Political Gain Against His Wishes

  1. I feel that when a person can’t have their wishes respected in death its a huge disservice to their life.
    I find embalming morally wrong, disrespectful to the human body. Look at this way, its akin to taxidermy!
    Caesar Chavez was a great man, his wishes were ignored regarding his body after death. Think! Display him to the public? Omg. So sad. My own Mother was embalmed and before her death of a clear mind repeatedly told us, the family that she wanted cremation. She said this to us all long before she passed.
    *Please don’t do this to your family members!

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