Socialism Leads to Toilet Paper Shortage in Venezuela

The Venezuelan government was forced to begin importing 50 million rolls of toilet paper this week, due to massive shortages in consumer goods, and food in the country.

800px-Toilet_paper_2010111Venezuela has found itself in a downward spiral of increased crime, and a struggling economy, after more than a decade of rule by it’s socialist president Hugo Chavez. His hand picked successor, Nicolas Maduro, took over after 14 years of Hugo Chavez’s self styled “Bolivarian revolution” which he described as “Socialism of the 21st Century.”

Maduro has attributed the shortages to a “dark plot” by opposition forces. Under his direction, Venezuela will be importing 760,000 tons of toilet paper to quell the shortages.

Alejandro Fleming, Venezuela’s Minister of Commerce reportedly addressed the shortage of toilet paper, stating that, “the ‘Revolution’ will bring the equivalent of 50 million rolls of toilet paper to our country to calm things down.” He went on to address the perceived insidious nature of the shortage, asking citizens that they “please understand that we should not allow ourselves to be manipulated by a media campaign portraying shortages.”

He added that the toilet paper would be brought in to satisfy demand, but also to “show these groups that they will not be able to break us.”

4 thoughts on “Socialism Leads to Toilet Paper Shortage in Venezuela

  1. Gee we repeat the mistakes of history over and over again. This was the same outcome in the Soviet Union, thanks to the satanic idiocy of socialism. Apparently you have the mass murder going on as well. Don’t worry that’s one thing socialists do well, the slaughter of innocents. When will the people learn?

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