Argentina Intimidates Chilean Airline

Argentina has a history of disrespecting private property, especially under the Kirchner administration.

Kristina Fernandez’s administration nationalized Aerolíneas Argentinas in 2008.

And so it came as little surprise to outside observers, when Argentinian officials gave a Chilean airline a 10 day ultimatum to evacuate their hangar in Jorge Newbery, one of the country’s busiest airports in Buenos Aires, despite a contract running through 2023.

The Chilean airline, operating as LAN Argentina, has apparently launched a legal challenge, despite Argentina’s institutionalized disregard for contracts, and private property.

Argentina’s state-owned airport regulator (ORSNA) revoked LAN Argentina’s contract providing the Chilean airline with a lease on a hanger at the airport.

Gustavo Lipovich, the president of ORSNA,
has explicitly stated that despite LAN Argentina being in possession of a contract, “when the national government needs the space in the interest of the public, and [airlines] must leave immediately.” He provided no further explanation of why the government needed the space it leased to LAN Argentina.

He added that “LAN can relocate their hangers to other airports in the city, such as San Fernando, or Ezeiza.” LATAM, the Chilean company which owns LAN Argentina, has noted that it has already invested $5 million in the hangar.

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