Santiago de Chile: a Flickr Portrait

Santiago Chile is one of the most important financial and industrial cities in Latin America, and accounts for nearly 45% of the entire country’s GDP, and is home to five million.

It’s a colorful, hectic, and ever expanding metropolis, full of intense contrasts: beautiful parks sit hazy behind heavy smog, and thriving financial districts are a subway ride from graffiti painted neighborhoods…

Barrio Yungay
Night view on Santiago Chile
somewhere else
Feriante, Vega Central

Santiago Chile Week 1
Santiago - CHILE
Andes Sunset above Santiago, Chile
R518 | Metro de Santiago | Baquedano (L1) / N2058
Wonderful window views. Santiago de Chile.
0306 Santiago, Chile (Explored 05/30/2013)
Nueva Las Condes
Paris-Londres II
Camino a
Santiago - Chile
<< Este | Sur | Oeste >>
à direita
Santiago. Chile 2014
Santiago antes de la tormenta
Santiago, Chile
Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile 554
Santiago Chile skyscrapers / Canon kit lens
Santiago - Chile.

Cerro Santa Lucia 508
Metro de Santiago
Cordillera nevada, Santiago 17 de abril 2016

Night view on Santiago Chile

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