Islamist Threat in Latin America?

Hugo Chavez put Venezuela on the international radar for a variety of unfortunate reasons. While his administration may be more infamous for toilet paper shortages which were the tragic legacy of his socialist policies, he also raised eyebrows for cozying up to the Islamist regime in Iran.

In reality, the potential Islamist threat in Latin America has been on the security radar of concerned states for decades, and these current trends and recent history have been covered in depth in a recent article published by Christopher Sabatini at LatinAmericaGoesGlobal. 

Recently, he notes that “individuals from Caribbean countries have left to join Islamic State (IS) in Syria and Iraq, raising the real risk that they will return as rogue terrorists, much like those that have been behind a number of attacks on civilians in Europe.”
He goes on to recount “the 1992 and 1994 alleged Hezbollah-Iran linked bombings in Argentina against the Israeli embassy and the Israeli Mutual Aid Society (AMIA),” and the report further discusses, “the recent arrest and now sentencing of the Hezbollah member Mohammed Hamdar in Peru for quite likely scoping out the country for potential targets.” He also notes, “the troubling series of allegations that the recently promoted Venezuelan Vice President Tareck El Aissami had and may maintain ties with Hezbollah.”

For anyone interested in delving deeper into the nefarious web of the potential Islamist threat creeping into the hemisphere, you can read more of the article here: Is there a credible Islamist threat in Latin America?

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