Bitcoin Pioneer Set to Launch in Chile

California Cantina in Santiago, will become the first restaurant in Chile, and the first nightclub in all of Latin America to accept Bitcoins


Unpopular Populism in Chile

Chile’s former president Michelle Bachelet won in a runoff election this Sunday, afterfailing to obtain a majority of votes in November’s first round. She has now cleared the path to a second term as president of Chile, with 62 percent of the vote, bettering the 37 percent garnered by her childhood playmate, economist, and recent minister of labor and…

Argentina Intimidates Chilean Airline

Argentina has a history of disrespecting private property, especially under the Kirchner administration. Kristina Fernandez’s administration nationalized Aerolíneas Argentinas in 2008. And so it came as little surprise to outside observers, when Argentinian officials gave a Chilean airline a 10 day ultimatum to evacuate their hangar in Jorge Newbery, one of the country’s busiest airports…