Newsprint Takeover Threatens Opposition in Argentina

Newsprint in Argentina was officially expropriate by the government in a 41-26 along partisan lines on Thursday, Dec 22nd. Long a thorn in the side of President Cristina Fernandez, opposition papers now fear that their ability to distribute printed press is controlled by an unsympathetic bureaucracy.

Among dissident views that may be stifled as a result of this regulation, are contrarian independent economic reports which have expressed concerns about misinformation or inaccurate data provided by the government to support an image of economic prosperity which is central to the administration’s success. Current independent estimates of inflation in Argentina run around 25%+ as opposed to the official inflation rate of approximately 11%.

Officially positioned as a way for the government to ensure fairness, minority opposition to Cristina Fernandez’s progressive administration fears unintended (or otherwise) consequences of such an authoritarian regulatory act in the name of liberty.

A prominent Argentine economist recently suggested that the country’s problems are psychological rather than practical. The current administration seems to be making his case.

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