McDonald’s to Exit Bolivia

Being the largest fast food chain in the entire world wasn’t enough to sustain the fast food behemoth’s presence in Bolivia, as McDonald’s formally exited the country, 14 years after opening their first restaurant in the country named after Simon Bolivar.

This makes Bolivia, along with Guyana, the only countries in South America without McDonald’s restaurants.

The country ranks as one of the poorest countries in all of Latin America. Having doubled since 2000, the country’s GDP per capita was estimated at just around $2000 USD for 2010. 

Populist Bolivian president Evo Morales initiated a radicalization of the country’s constitution under dubious means in 2009 with the intention of redistributing the country’s wealth.

Regardless, other fast-food restaurants remain in the country, including Pollos Copacabana, and A Todo Chancho.

McDonald’s cited poor profit margins, and has closed the 8 remaining stores in the country.

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