Opposition Refuses to Give Up on Electoral Fraud

Venezuelan opposition leader, Henrique Capriles, has been protesting the hairline margin by which the incumbent clung to the position bestowed on him by Chavez since the election results were announced. On Thursday, the Consejo Nacional Electoral (National Electoral Council) was unable to make a decision about concerns presented by Capriles regarding irregularities during April’s election. It is unclear whether or not this board operates independently from the indignant administration.

Given inaction by the official election board, Capriles, has promised go to the Tribunal Supremo de Justicia (Venezuela’s Supreme Court) with concerns over fraud from the April 14 presidential election. He is promising to ask for another election.

Nicolas Maduro was able to coast on the legacy of Hugo Chavez, and official results listed Maduro with 50.8% of total votes, compared to 49% for Capriles.

Chavez had institutionalized and consolidated his power over the past 14 years, before passing away last month, making it easier for his Vice President, Nicolas Maduro, to defeat Capriles.

Even so, opposition candidates have been bolstered by the results from this year’s election, given that the 2012 election between Chavez and Capriles resulted in a 54% – 44% split, and a victory for Chavez (although exit polls were showing Capriles with a 51% lead with just an hour left to vote).

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